How To Make Air Plant Terrarium

Do you know there is something special about air plants? What makes them so amazing is that they live of air literally. They do not need any soil to survive. As a result, they are much easier to be taken care of and can be great indoor decoration. Here are some additional information about air plants, such as tillandsia

  • Air plants are non-toxic to animals and harmless to a host tree
  • It will not harm the plant if you trim away brown, damaged leaves
  • The root system of air plants can be removed
  • Air plants still need to be watered. It is best to either mist them or completely submerse them in water for a few minutes.
  • Air plants do not like to be over watered. Water them after they have completely dry out. Air plants will rot if you give them excess watering.
  • Air plants like bright but indirect sun lights.
  • Air plants produce pups which mature and bloom each year
  • Depending on the species, air plant flowers can last several days to many months
  • Most Tillandsia bloom naturally in late winter through to mid-summer

With those tips in mind, let’s see how to make a DIY air plant terrarium from Henry Happened. You can find the step by step tutorial in the following link. Very beautiful, right?

How To Make Air Plant Terrarium DIY Tutorial


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