18 Ways To Tie A Tie

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18 Ways To Tie A Tie 1

We need different neckties for different suits and different occasions. The same goes with tie knots. You need at least a handful of different ways to tie a tie, so that you can choose and pick when you need different knots for different situations.

Many people know one knot or two. Not that they don’t want to learn, but just that they don’t have a good guide. So I found this tie tying chart of 18 ways to tie a necktie from Real Men Real Style to be very handy. It pretty much covers tying methods for most popular tie knots.

The tie knots shown are:

  1. Four-In-Hand Knot
  2. Half Windsor Knot
  3. Full Windsor Knot
  4. Nicky Knot
  5. Bow-Tie Knot
  6. Kelvin Knot
  7. Oriental Knot
  8. Pratt Knot
  9. St Andrew Knot
  10. Balthus Knot
  11. Hanover Knot
  12. Plattsburgh Knot
  13. Grantchester Knot
  14. Victoria Knot
  15. Cafe Knot
  16. Eldredge Knot
  17. Trinity Knot
  18. Christensen Knot


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