5 Ways to Pinpoint Your Home Decor Style

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Moving to a new home or simply want to reinvent the area around you? Have no ideas where to start? No worries, we have 5 great ways to pinpoint your home decor style so you can live an area that suits your style to a tee.

  • Look at Other Areas of Your Life

The best way to decide what your style is is to look at other areas of your life. What type of clothing do you wear? Do you tend to gear towards a more elegant and sophisticated style, or all you all about grunge? What type of music do you listen to? Hard core rock, or classical? Taking a look at who YOU are and what types of styles you prefer will help you immensely when deciding your home decor style.

  • Check Out Other Homes

Did you recently visit one of your friend’s homes and instantly fall in love with their home decor style? Or was it the complete opposite of what you would do? Pay attention to other people’s homes and decide what types of things you like, and which ones you would never want to step foot in your house. This will help you decide what type of colors, patterns, and furniture items you’d like set up in your own home.

5 Ways to Pinpoint Your Home Decor Style

  • Look Online

If you don’t want to go to the hassle of visiting friends and family members for inspiration or simply don’t like any of their styles, your next best bet is to check online. There are literally thousands- if not millions- of different home decor themes online. Search through different websites and bookmark all of the pictures and themes you’re interested in. When you’re done, choose your favorite one or fuse some of your favorites together to create your ideal home. You can also check out some awesome websites like Wayfair.com to get home decoration ideas, and use a Wayfair 20 off code 2014 to save on your home purchases.

  • Decide Which Things You Don’t Like

As with anything else, one great way to narrow down your options is to eliminate things you don’t like. For instance, if you found a theme that you absolutely adore, but you think the furniture is absolutely hideous, take note of that. Make a list of the things you must have and the things you want to eliminate. This elimination tactic will make it easier for you to create the home decor of your dreams.

5 Ways to Pinpoint Your Home Decor Style 1

  • Think About Your Dream House

Even if you’re not in your dream house- or even living in your dream area- thinking about what you would have in your dream house is a great way to start. Maybe you’d love to live in a countryside home with plenty of wicker furniture and an off white, maybe peach color scheme. Or maybe you dream of having a modern style apartment in downtown New York City with plenty of black and white modern items. First decide on your dream home, where you would want it, and how you would decorate it, and go from there.

Creating the home of your dreams is easier than you think. Look to yourself and others for inspiration and get decorating!

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