DIY Ways To Grow Lemon Trees At Home

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6 ways to grow lemon trees at home step by step DIY tutorial instructions

It may sounds counter-intuitive to the sour taste, but Lemon is one of the known strongest alkaline forming fruits. Alkaline forming fruits are important for our body to achieve and maintain a state of equilibrium at a pH of about 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. In short,  lemon is good for your health.That’s why the lemon essential oil is selling fast on Amazon. Well, we have shown you how to make delicious sparkling lemonade earlier. Today we show you how to grow your own lemon trees at home. The following are six ways to grow lemon trees. Check out which is the way works the best for you.

1. How to grow lemon trees from seeds


2. How to grow lemon trees from cuttings


3. How to grow lemon / citrus trees in a pot


4. How to marcot or aeriel-layer (air-layer) a lemon tree

How to marcot a tree step by step DIY tutorial instructions
5. How to plant a lemon tree


6. How to graft a lemon or citrus tree



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