Broccoli Watercress Can Kill Cancer Cells Within A Day

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Broccoli Watercress Can Kill Cancer Cells Within A Day 1

Many modern diseases are related to our habit. Changing those habits could help prevent us from those diseases. For example, a poor diet could lead to overweight, cancer, and many other body malfunctions. A recent study has shown that watercress and broccoli have the potential to lower the risk of many types of cancers. They can kill cancer cells within a day.

Both broccoli and watercress have certain things in common. In addition to rich vitamins and minerals, they hey release healthy enzymes when chewed. They have glucosinolates or phytochemicals that produce isothiocyanates. These compounds have shown to shut down signals that tumors send to human brain, and thus hinder cancer growth. Keep reading…

Broccoli Watercress Can Kill Cancer Cells Within A Day

Consuming broccoli and/or watercress often will effectively lower your risks of many types of cancer. Now I know why these veggies are so common in many recipes, such as this Broccoli cheddar soup.

Or this Broccoli Watercress Salad with Dried Cranberries here.

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