Ear Point Acupressure To Boost Your Health

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Like acupuncture or reflexology, acupressure is one of the ancient Asian practices that can improve our health. According to these Asian knowledge, there are some pressure points around our body.

Although the function of these points are still not fully understood by modern scientists, but many evidences start to show that these pressure points do wonder to our body.


Today, we will introduce some ear points. Shen Men point is located in the apex of the triangular fossa of the ear, around the upper mid-center part, above the opening of the ear canal and the surrounding folds. Shen Men, meaning heavenly gate in Chinese, is a deep miraculous point that can relieve stress, boost energy, and strengthen the overall health of our body.

Acupuncturists treat stress, anxiety, allergies, headaches, addictions, inflammatory diseases, depression, pain disorders, and more through Shen Men. You can stimulate this point to achieve similar effect. Watch how to do this Ear Point Acupressure To Boost Your Health and more

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