Efficient DIY Storage Staircase Idea

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efficient storage staircaseCreativity makes a lot of difference. Even you have a small room, it doesn’t mean you have small space. There are many ways to utilized your room better. Here is an example to make an efficient storage staircase. For sure it is inspirational…How to build efficient storage staircase DIY step by step tutorial instructions

What you need to make such a stair case storage are

  • ( 3 ) 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ for the legs floor to ceiling 8’ft long
  • sheet of plywood 1/2 thick (I prefer birch. You could go thinner but i would use 1/2 at least for stability.)
  • 3 sets of drawer hardware (the slides that allow drawer to open and shut

Step by step instructions

  1. build you boxes height,width,and depth you want) (would make at least 24″ or 2 foot deep the with your choice!)
  2. then attach boxes to 2×4. I would run two across the top and one or two strips across the back for stability.
  3. then for your last 3 boxes, you will attach to left and right drawer slides to the bottom of last box and to the top of first pull out box, and repeat for the last 2 boxes
  4. note: you will need the bottom drawer to be the deepest the middle pull out drawer about 6″ less in depth and the top pull out drawer to be 1′ shallower than the bottom or 6″ less than the middle bottom -24″ deep middle 18″ deep and the top one about 12″ deep and the stationary boxes that are attached to the 2×4′ s. I would make at least 24″ or 2 foot deep as well.

Creative storage staircase idea



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