How To Create an Air Plant Terrarium

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How To Create an Air Plant Terrarium

Who needs boring terracotta pots and messy soil to make a gorgeous garden? Busy professionals or those without a green thumb are always looking for that simple way to add plants to the home without too much fuss. While some plants require what can seem like as much as a newborn child, air plants are a relief to raise. These amazing plants use moisture in the air to feed the roots. There’s no messy soil or digging to grow these plants successfully. Create your own air plant terrarium with just a little effort and a lot of creativity. Here is how to create an air plant terrarium

1. Select your Container

Traditional gardening greets you with numerous container colors, but air plants only need one type: glass. You want a glass container because it gives you the best view of the plant. Even the roots and foliage are fascinating to stare at on these plants. From this image, you notice almost any container shape is allowed. Simply match your favorite plant shape to the container. Air plants come in all sizes, so experimenting is part of the gardening allure. Even a terrarium with part of the plant sticking out of the opening gives it a unique personality.


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2. Go Nuts with Alternative “Soil”

Potting soil is not even a consideration with air plants. They just don’t need it. Get creative with alternative “soils” to match the plant’s color palette. Pebbles, asymmetrical rocks, beans, sand and even crushed seashells are perfect choices for any air plant. Grab a few of these materials and see what works for the plant, from simple to ornate. You may be surprised at your final texture choice. Spread the material evenly around the roots for the best appearance.


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3. Add Environmental Elements

You could have a minimalist terrarium design with just the plant and soil, but stretch your creativity even further with other visual elements. This terrarium designer decided to add two air plants with a rock formation dotting the background. Rocks are a common element selection, but you can also make it more personalized with figurines. Add your version of a garden gnome to the terrarium to see smiles erupt while others admire the creation.


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4. Seek an Airy Location

While you don’t have to decorate the entire wall with plants like this decorator did, their location is a perfect example for novice air plant owners. To capture moisture effectively, these plants need an open space where air circulates constantly. Any moisture is quickly taken up in this hallway. Keep them shaded too. In nature, they prefer shaded tree canopies so offer them the same location type for the best growth.


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5. Add a Mister

Not all homes have the best humidity levels, especially in desert regions. Keep your air plants thriving by misting them with a spray bottle or install an automatic mister like this garden enthusiast. Although air plants don’t need to be drenched in mist, they appreciate infrequent damp conditions to soak up the moisture. They’ll hold much of this water in their fleshy leaves for later.


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6. Consider Hanging your Air Plant

You may take pride in your terrarium, but consider a more natural display option. Take some fishing line and use it to attach an air plant to a piece of wood. Hang this wood inside or outside to create a gorgeous centerpiece dropping from a ceiling. Visitors may not even realize it’s a real plant until they inspect it at close range.


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Start with one terrarium to get the feel for the art and keep going. Whether you hang them on the wall or dot a hallway table with a whole colony, air plants provide a beautiful aesthetic while cleaning the air simultaneously. For more creative home design ideas, visit

By Jane Blanchard

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