How To Crochet (Video)

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We have shared with you many beautiful crocheting projects and crochet patterns, such as How To Crochet Cute DIY Baby Slippers, Heidi May Crochet Patterns, and How To Crochet Pretty Flower Motif Shawl. Some of you were asking me about basic crocheting questions. So here comes the crocheting 101 – how to crochet.

First you need to be able to read and recognize the crocheting patterns. The above crochet stitch chart from Rhondda gives you some basic ideas of most common stitches. And the crochet cheat sheet from my happily ever crafted describes the symbols in little more details.

How To Crochet 4

Don’t panic if you don’t understand them yet. The diagrams are pretty much read exactly as the crochet is worked. Each stitch is represented by a symbol that has been drawn to resemble its crocheted equivalent. The position of the symbol shows where the stitch should be placed and worked. Here is a more straightforward illustration.

How To Crochet 1

And here is a more comprehensive crochet stitch symbol chart.

How To Crochet 2

And the following video tutorial from Glama shows you how to crochet those basic stitches. Try them one by one. For sure your crocheting skills will be hugely improved.

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