How to Fix Frizzy Doll Hair Easy

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How to Detangle Doll Hair 5 Give this method a try. Never through away another baby doll because of the messy hair! Let Heather from our kids mom show you How to Detangle Doll Hair:

  1. Mix fabric softener and water half and half in a clean spray bottle.
  2. Spray the doll hair with the mixture until it is completely wet and dripping.
  3. Carefully brush through the hair several times to remove knots and tangles.

Note: This method should not be used on human hair!

How to Detangle Doll Hair How to Detangle Doll Hair 1

Credit: Our Kids Mom

How to Detangle Doll Hair 3 How to Detangle Doll Hair 4

How to Detangle Doll Hair 2


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