How To Fix Small Dents In An Automobile

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Small dents and dings in your automobile are very annoying. They can be expensive to repair if you take your vehicle to body shops. And it doesn’t look or feel good if you don’t get them fixed. Let’s learn How To Fix Small Dents In An Automobile at home. It is not as hard as you might thought.

With this handy trick, fixing small dents in a car is quite easy. The procedure to get rid of small dents in a car can be painless. Here is how to repair car dents using a a heat gun and a a can of compressed gas duster.

  1. Take a hair dryer to heat up the dent.
  2. Take a can of compressed gas duster, such as these ones on Amazon here, and turns it upside down to blow out super cold air toward the dent.

Here is the simple theory how it works. The heat from the hair dryer causes expansion, and the cold from the canned air causes contraction. It’s this hot-cold effect that makes the dent pop right out. Watch the video for more details.


If you have a bigger dent, you can also try with hot water and toilet plunger. It may sound funny, but it actually works.

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