How To Grow Potatoes And Tomatoes On The Same Plant

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Be creative when you have a limited space. You can achieve a lot more than you might think. Today I will show you How To Grow Potatoes And Tomatoes On The Same Plant.

No, it is not another genetically modified plant, but rather one that was created using a much simpler method. Creator Paul Hansford came up a hi-tch grafting process to join a tomato plant and a potato plant together.

Called TomTato, the new plant can yield more than 500 sweet cherry tomatoes from April to October. The tomatoes have traditional tangy and sweet flavor. And you get a good hearty crop of potatoes of a versatile variety, which can be boiled mashed, roasted, or made into chips for late in the season.

Here is how Tomtato is made.

Tomatoes and potatoes can grafted together because they are members of the same plant family, Solanaceae, or nightshade, which also includes aubergines and chillies.

A piece of tissue the size of a pinhead is sliced from each plant, check for viruses and grown separately in gel and then compost. Once they are two inches tall, their stems are cut at an identical angle so they can be grafted to each other.

The lower end of the potato plant, contain the roots, and the top section of the tomato plant, which will bear fruit, are clipped together for about a week until a natural join forms.

Watch the video for more details.

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