How To Hem Jeans Fast and Easy

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How to hem jeans fast and easy 2

I seldom get jeans that perfectly fit me. The biggest problem is that they are usually too long.  (Maybe I am not tall enough 🙁 ) Occasionally, I have the store to redo the hem for me, but mostly I just live with it.

Recently, I bought a new pair of jeans that I really like. Of course, they are too long, about two inches longer than what I need. The store where I bought the jeans doesn’t provide re-hem service. I wanted the hem to be changed so badly that I decided to do it myself.

How To hem jeans fast and easy

I read online and found a tutorial at do it yourself divas. The tutorial sounds reasonable to me so I jumped in. It turned out that doing the hem was really simple and fast. It took me less than 30 minutes to do it. And I believe if I do it again, I can do it in less than 20 minutes. Now I love my new jeans even better as it fit me perfectly. I am sure I will re-do hems of my other jeans later when I get chance. If you want to check out the step by step tutorials, here goes the link…

DIY divas – how to hem jeans fast and easy

How to hem jeans fast and easy 3

Watch video tutorial. Thanks Megan and Stephanie for putting it together.

How To Hem Jeans Fast and Easy 5

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