How To Juice A Lemon

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How To Juice A Lemon

How to juice a lemon?

As you will see here, there are different ways to juice a lemon fast and easy. In the end, it is your personal preference as to which is the best way to squeeze a lemon.

1. Use a citrus reamer like the one shown above. I like the bamboo or wooden citrus reamer as they give a more natural feel. If you don’t have a reamer handy, you can use a fork instead. Watch how…

2. Use a stainless steel lemon juicer. The part I like about this lemon squeezer is that it is easy to user and easy to clean. See the tutorial in the following video.

How To Juice A Lemon 2

3. Use a lemon squeezer. This lemon squeezer is by far my favorite. You won’t get lemon juice all over your hand. Watch how to pick perfect lemon and how to use such a lemon squeezer below.

How To Juice A Lemon 3

Which is your favorite way to juice a lemon? Or have you seen other good lemon juicer? Please tell us in the comment area.

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