How To Turn A Glove Into A Chipmunk Softie

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Glove Chipmunk

Solitude gloves, ones that separated from their mates for whatever reasons, have a great home now. With her book, Happy Gloves: Charming Softy Friends Made from Colorful Gloves, Japanese author Miyako Kanamori has given hopelessly single gloves a new lease on life as cozy companions.

In Miyako’s able hands, one single glove can be turned into an elephant, a donkey, a bunny, a penguin, and many more. Here is example of how to make chipmunk softie from a glove.

Glove Chipmunk1 Glove Chipmunk 2 Glove Chipmunk 3 Glove Chipmunk 4 Glove Chipmunk 5 Glove Chipmunk 6 Glove Chipmunk 7 Glove Chipmunk 8 Glove Chipmunk 9

Isn’t it so cute and cool? Check out more of Miyako’s work in her book Sock and Glove here…

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