How To Make DIY Vertical Garden Design

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How to make DIY vertical garden design step by step tutorial instructions

Martha Stewart Vertical garden design

This is how to make a vertical garden design for planting a tower of herbs or flowers at home. It is a great space utilization idea. The idea is pretty simple and flexible. You just stack some pots together to make a tower. You can modify the idea to fit your particular situation, bigger pots, smaller pots, two layers instead of three layers of pots, or even four layer of pots… you got the idea.

Since there were some questions and discussions, I summarized the Q&As here to save you some time.

Q: What should be the pot size?

A: It really depends your space and your preference. The important part is that you want to leave enough gap between pots for the roots of the plants. As it has been illustrated there, if you leave at least roughly 6″ gap for the first layer, and 4″ for the second layer, that should be enough.

So if you do a 6″ pot on the top, then the medium pot diameter should be around 14″, and the largest pot should be around 26″ diameter.

Again, it’s up to your situation. Where do you want put it? yard, patio? They all change your decision of pot size. If you have a smaller space, then just go smaller pots.

Q: What type of pots should I use?

A: Clay pots are better.

Q: Where do I put the dirt?

A: In between the gap of the pots (except for the top pot). You don’t have to put dirt in the inverted pot, but I have seen people put dirt there too.

Q: Do you need to glue the pots together?

A: No need. You just put the upper pot on top of the inner pot. The inverted pots are usually shorter than the outer pots. Once you put dirt in the gap between the pots, the dirt helps secure the top layers too.

Q: How does drainage work?

A: Water drains through the hole in the pot. You may put some rocks or broken clay pieces to lift up the inverted pots so that there is a gap for drainage.

Q: – What to plant?

A: flowers, herbs, or similar plants that won’t too take too much space, but it really depends on where you are and what is your preference …

Lastly, if you don’t want to build it, but still would like to own a lovely vertical garden for the spring, just get this ready-to-use stack-a-pot.


Watch the video tutorial for how to use such a pot.

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