How To Raise Honey Bees In Your Garden

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How To Raise Honey Bees

Beekeeping, i.e. how to raise honey bees, is an interesting but mysterious business to me. I still remember first visiting my uncle’s bee farm when I was about eight years old. He showed me how to cut off the raw honey from the honey comb and make honey lemonade for us kids. Believe me. That was the yummiest drink I have ever had. (The only honey that tastes the closest to my Uncle’s is this YS Organic Raw honey.) I also remember that I was stung by a honey bee the same day there. That hurt!

Even with this mixed feeling, I learned to appreciate how these little cute insects help us and help the environment. However, honey bee population across the world are shrinking these days. If you are thinking to raise honey bees or to help these lovely insects, keep reading this nice little article about Hudson valley beekeeping in the following link.

HV Mag – Hudson valley beekeeping

Watch the video tutorial for the basic bee keeping class and learn how to start a new bee hive, which is the best bee hive, and where you get your bees….

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