How To Make Daisies With Straws

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How To Turn Drinking Straws Into Amazing Daisies This crafts project is so wonderful. You can easily turn those ordinary drinking straws into amazing daisies to decorate your room. This project is so easy. It is a fun craft activities for kids to try too. What you need are

  • Drinking straws of various colors
  • Green floral tape
  • Double side tape
  • Scissors
  • Green crepe paper (optional)
  • Threads

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Fold the upper part of a yellow straw as shown to make the stamen and stem. And Tie it with green thread.
  2. Cut a white straw with a cutter to make it into a strip. Then make small cuts in half of its width.
  3. Apply double tape to the lower uncut part lengthwise.
  4. Then start rolling this length of cut straw around the yellow stamen to make a flower.
  5. Cover the lower part of the yellow straw with green floral tape to make the stem.
  6. Cut some green crepe paper or straws and glue them to the stem to make leaves.
  7. Complete the flower bouquet with more colored straw flowers and arrange the bouquet in a bowl or vase.

Tada! Happy crafting!How To Turn Drinking Straws Into Amazing Daisies 2

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