17 Mind Blowing Ways To Use Vinegar Other Than In Your Salad

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17 Mind Blowing Ways To Use Vinegar Other Than In Your Salad

Yes Vinegar! My favorite ingredient for ever. I loved drinking vinegar when I was a child. My whole body shakes after each mouth! Drinking vinegar was my top secret for many years. ☺

As an adult, I always make sure the vinegar bottle in my cabinet is not empty, not only for my salad and noodles, but also for many other mind blowing alternative uses for vinegar. Will vinegar kill mold? Yes! Can you clean coffee maker with vinegar? Yes! What about cleaning floors with vinegar? Of course yes! And there are a lot more.

I guess I am not alone. Vinegar is such an useful household item. Stacey Graham over at trends and ideas has put together an amazing list on really cool ways to use Vinegar at home. Follow the link below for the list. You will for sure learn something new as I did.

Trend and ideas – 17 Mind Blowing Ways To Use Vinegar

Watch the video for six more cool uses for vinegar.

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