Unusual Ways To Tie A Tie

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A necktie adds a lot to your outfit, especially if the knot is well tied and fit the style of your suits. Today we are going to look at 9 most unusual ways to tie a tie. Master them if you want to standout and look different.

How To Tie Tulip Knot

Tulip Knot

Tulip knot is simple yet looks gorgeous. You will love it once you have mastered it. Here is how to tie it…


How To Tie Eldredge Knot

Eldredge Knot

Eldredge knot is a classic one that every one should master. If you don’t know how to tie Eldredge knot necktie, here is a tutorial…


How To Tie Merovingian Knot (a.k.a. Ediety Knot)

Merovingian Knot

Merovingian knot looks so special and will definitely attract a lot of attention. Watch how to tie this cool knot.


How To Tie Trinity Knot

Trinity Knot

This awesome tie knot is great when you want to look different. Watch the video tutorial for how to tie trinity knot.


How To Tie Pekada Knot

Pekada Knot

The Pekada tie knot looks quite rare and fancy. It looks a fancier version of the Ediety knot. It is great for such special events as wedding. Here is a video tutorial…


How To Tie Linwood Taurus Knot

The LInwood Taurus reminds people Taurus, the Bull zodiac sign. This knot is a great choice if that’s your zodiac sign or this knot rings your bell. Watch the video tutorial for how to tie Linwood Taurus necktie knot.


How To Tie Vidalia Knot

Vidalia Knot

Vidalia is an elegant necktie knot that goes well with most suits. Not many people know how to tie this knot as it needs some special tool that is in every home Master how to tie Vidalia knot by watching the following instructions.


How To Tie A Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Everyone knows bow tie. Nothing else needs to be said about bow tie. Bow ties are cool! Learn how to tie a bow tie now if you haven’t mastered it yet.


How To Tie A Van Wijk Necktie Knot

Van Wijk knot is a simple yet unique and awesome necktie knot. Master How To Tie A Van Wijk Necktie Knot and you will for sure look different.

So which one is your favorite necktie knot?

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