Fun Summer Outdoor Activities

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Summer is the time to entertain guests outdoors as you will have more space for whatever entertainment you have in mind. To guide you in making outdoor entertaining easy and less stressful, here are 10 clever tips you can follow for your fun summer outdoor activities.

1. Send out invites.

Make sure that your invitation has these three important things: the time of the party, what the guests should wear, and your entertainment plan in case it rains.

2. Prepare the party utensils.

It is best that you serve the food buffet style and use disposable stuff so you have no dishes and utensils to wash after the party. To make outdoor entertaining smooth and help guests when they eat, make an easy-to-carry package by tying the utensils to the plate. To help you do that, here is a simple tutorial to guide you.

Tips For Fun Summer Outdoor Activities 1

3. Set up an accessible drink station.

It’s summer time and guests will be flocking for cool drinks to refresh them throughout the party. Make sure that you have a well-stocked drink station set up outdoors a distance away from the food to keep the flow moving and reduce foot traffic during the event. Invest on large dispensers to serve a large group of people and will not require several refills during the day. Make several choices that include ice water, lemonade, pink lemonade, and tea.

Tips For Fun Summer Outdoor Activities 2

4. Serve easy to prepare foods that will not spoil

Choose dishes that can withstand the heat of the sun to prevent food poisoning. Avoid foods with mayonnaise and other easy-to-spoil products when doing outdoor entertaining. Foods like crackers, fruits, chips, beans, mustard or oil-based salads and grilled foods are great choices.

5. Set up a s’mores station

Let your guests create their own s’mores by setting up an outdoor station like this. Place sterno cans in the fire pit to allow your guests to roast their marshmallows safely. If you will serve frozen desserts, make sure that you set a timer to remind you to take them out at the right time.

6. Create a playlist to set the mood

A party will not be a party without the music. To keep your guests in a great mood the whole time, play songs that will make them smile or dance. Upbeat pop classics, 90’s hip-hop, Southern soul, classic rock would be ideal for the party. You can also choose curated playlists to save you time to make your own.

7. Prepare a game for the adults

If your guests don’t know each other, the best way to break the ice is conduct games that will help them relax. A giant Jenga set would be perfect. How to create one? Follow the instructions here.

8. Prepare entertainment for the kids

Kids would like to play among themselves during parties. In order to keep them entertained while the grown-ups enjoy their chats and drinks, set up some diversions like beach balls, a sprinkler, blowing bubbles, or a Slip ‘n Slide. Assigning them as event photographers can also help, you just need to buy cheap disposable cameras for them to use.

9. Prepare a movie night

If your party will last into the evening, a movie night is a great option for outdoor entertaining. Sodas, beers, chips and other finger foods will make movie watching fun for everyone. To prepare for the outdoor movie night, you can follow this tutorial.

Tips For Fun Summer Outdoor Activities 3

10. Create outdoor lighting

To set the mood for the night party, the outdoor lighting is a must and chosen carefully. A romantic lighting is best for an outdoor dinner party so make use of the low-hanging branches in your yard and hang votives at varying heights. You can use mason jars or mini glass tea light lanterns to hold the candles. Just ensure that the candles are far enough from the leaves to prevent accidental fire. To save on expenses, buy stuff that are on sale or use coupons like ebay redemption code

Watch the video tutorial for more Fun Summer Outdoor Activities.

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