This Is What Your Feet Say About You!

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Feet Personality

Do you know that your feet say a lot about what kind of person you are? Here are some interesting information about what your feet say about you? Check it out and let us know if it makes sense.

Feet Say

Feet Shape

Those with wide feet are the hard workers, while those with narrow feet work smart by delegating.

Feet Shape

Feet Curvature

Toes bends toward big toe means you tend to hang onto the past, while lean toward the little toe means you are in a rush.

Toe Curvature

Gap Between Toes

Splayed toes mean you are talkative, while webbed toes suggest that your self-esteem comes from your career or activities.

Toe Gap


High arched people are more independent, while flat feet are more realistic.

Foot Arches


If your big toe is the longest, you are good at business, while if your second toe is the longest, you are definitely not followers.


Foot Size

People who have big feet are decisive leaders, while those who have small feet are more mature and wise.

Feet Size

Toe Alignment

Poeple who have all toes neatly in line are more methodical, precise, and practical, while those who have toes that cross over tend to have a hard tie trusting others and letting go.

Toe Alignment

Credit: Uber Punch

Watch the video for more details.

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