Did You Notice Your Pet Doing This?

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head pressing

This behavior is called head pressing. It generally indicates something goes seriously wrong with your pets’ health, such as disease to their nerve or neurological system and other server illness. You should take your dog or cat to a veterinarian for diagnosis asap. Delaying may cause your pet’s life.

head pressing 2

Head pressing is something many animals do. Since our pets can not speak, we need to watch their behavior for indications.

head pressing 5

There are many caused for head pressing, such as cancer, other diseases, and certain poisons.

head pressing 4

All these conditions require immediate medial attention. If you see your dog or cat do head pressing repeatedly for no reason, act fast. You may save their lives.

head pressing 1

Head pressing should not be confused with a “headbutting”, where a dog or cat affectionately rubs against a person or other animal.

head pressing 3

Head pressing is characterized by the compulsive act of pressing the head against such solid surface as walls, floor, and post for extended periods of time.

By recognizing head pressing and other neurologically-related symptoms in your dog or cat, you could potentially save their lives!

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